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===Getting Started===
===Getting Started===

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Getting Started

  • About WordPress
  • WordPress at Evergreen

Creating a Site

  • Creating a site (for first time users)
  • Creating additional sites (for return users)

Navigating WordPress

  • Using the Dashboard or Admin Bar for editing your site
  • Customizing your Screen Options

Site Options to Configure

  • Change the Title, Subtitle and time zone in Settings > General
  • Site Privacy - control who has access to view your site

Writing and Managing Your Content

  • WordPress Posts and Pages and what’s the difference?
  • Creating a New Post
  • Creating a New Page
  • Categorizing Posts
  • Controlling comments

Adding Images and Media

  • Upload and insert an image into a post or page
  • Image display properties - size, alignment, caption
  • Image galleries
  • Embed Media from external sources (YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, SoundCLoud, etc.)
  • Upload a short MP3 audio file and embed with a player
  • About file storage space