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'''Problems? '''
'''Problems? '''
Call the Faculty & Staff Helpdesk 360 867-6627
Call the Technology Support Center at (360)867-6627
[[Category:Evergreen Account]]
[[Category:Evergreen Account]]

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To change your Evergreen password:

1) Login to my.evergreen.edu

2) Select the Profile option from the upper right hand corner

3) Under Settings, select Edit Password and follow the instructions.


If you don't see the Edit Password link you can go directly to it by going to: https://my.evergreen.edu/myaccounts/changepassword

If you are on an Evergreen-owned Windows computer located on campus, you may also change your password when you are logged in by holding down Ctrl + Alt + Del and select Change a password.

Important Notes

  • If you change your password on my.evergreen and you are logged on to an on campus Evergreen computer, you will need to restart the computer so that your new password syncs with applications like Outlook. You may see error messages from Outlook if you don't do this.
  • If you are off-campus on an Evergreen Windows laptop and you change your password via my.evergreen you may experience some odd behavior until you are back on campus with the laptop & the password syncs up. The most notable issue is that your new password will work to log you on to Webmail, Outlook, my.evergreen.edu, etc but the password you use to log on to the laptop will still be the old password.
  • If you are using a Mac and Keychain asks you if you want it to remember the new password, selecting Yes will likely sync this new password across most of the Mac applications that use your Evergreen password. If you do not use Keychain you may be prompted for the new Evergreen password in each application that uses it.
  • If you use a smartphone application to check your Evergreen email, you will need to go into the application settings to update your password after you change it. The steps for how to do this will vary depending on your phone and the application.

Problems? Call the Technology Support Center at (360)867-6627