Festival Week

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This content is out of date or no longer relevant and should be considered for deletion.

A week long Advising week occurs week 6 of Winter quarter where faculty advisors lead advising seminar that meets twice during the festival week. Assigned work to include: shared reading, whether campus-wide or determined by advisor; academic statement writing generated outside of the seminar and brought for peer critique; development of peer critiquing skills, a transcript self-study.  Other activities include:

  • Academic Statement: read others, write own, the development of critical writing capacities.
  • Academic plan: discuss and revise
  • Meta-disciplinary and interdisciplinary learning (e.g., how do disciplines such as math and media meet; graduate
  • school requirements for disciplinary interest areas)
  • Reflections on the liberal arts & interdisciplinarity.
  • Transcript review: students read their own, workshop on best practices, synthetic work on own academic
  • trajectory, linked to work on Academic Plan.
  • Faculty work with students to develop student self and peer-advising skills.
  • Advising Workshops, Presentations, Fairs are repeated and offered Monday-Thursday.
  • Iterative Draft of Academic Statement due Friday by a given time, followed by an all-campus celebration to wrap
  • up the week (party, fun!!)