Fetch - Detailed setup instructions

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You want to set up a shortcut for logging on to your Evergreen web account, so you don't have to type in the same information every time. So start Fetch and choose "New Shortcut" off the customize menu to get the New Shortcut dialogue box:

Fetch1 copy.jpg

  • The Name field can say whatever you please, like My Evergreen Website.
  • In the Host field, make sure the correct site is specified (e.g. www.evergreen.edu for personal web pages or academic.evergreen.edu for curricular ones.)
  • In the User ID field specify specify your evergreen.edu user name. (.e.g. metzlerd or greima20)
  • In the Password field, specify your evergreen.edu account password
  • The Directory field needs whatever comes after what's in the Host field to complete the address of the directory/folder that your home page is in. So if your have a home page at http://academic.evergreen.edu/c/curtzt/index.htm, and your Host field reads academic.evergreen.edu, then the Directory field should say /c/curtzt/
  • Press OK.