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  • File management with any media project is the most important step in post production.
  • Following these steps will save you and your project from unneeded stress and major file corruption.

In the Finder

  • Always make a project folder with your name, project description, and date within the name field Folder Name.png
  • Use safe file and folder naming practices: use text, numbers, and hyphens or underscores. Avoid all other special characters.
  • Copy your folder that contains all your original field recordings into this project folder as well

Folder of field recordings.png

In Audition

  • Open Adobe Audition located in the dock - go to File > New > Multitrack Session


  • In Audition go to File > Multitrack Session and set the following settings:
    1. Session Name: use a meaningful name.
    2. Folder Location: Click Browse and select your folder on you Desktop
    3. Template : None
    4. Sample Rate: 48000
    5. Bit Depth : 24
    6. Master: Stereo
    7. Click OK


  • Your finished project folder should look like this.
  • All of your files are now contained in one folder and you can safely work, transfer, save and back up your project as long as it stays in one folder