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==Connecting to Evergreen's File Servers==
==Connecting to Evergreen's File Servers==
*[[Connect to File Space - Mac]]
*[[Connect to File Space - Windows]]
*[[Connect to File Space - Linux]]
==Evergreen File Servers==
==Evergreen File Servers==

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What is It?

Why use it?

  • It's free.
  • The floppy disk in your back pack will quit working some day.
  • If your hard drive stops working, you might not be able to extract your files from it.
  • Evergreen's servers are backed up nightly, which means your files are safe.
  • Files saved on servers are accessible from all campus computers. You can also access them from home.

Getting Started with File Space

Connecting to Evergreen's File Servers

Evergreen File Servers

  • Calawah - general access student file shares
  • Masu - scientific computing file shares
  • Nimrod - media file shares
  • Hurricane - Faculty & Staff file shares