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What is It?

All students can request personal file sharing space on Evergreen's Student File Server, Calawah. 100mb of network storage space is available. This isn't enough space to hold everything, but it's enough to hold all your papers. Some programs have program file sharing space, too.

Why use it?

  • It's free.
  • The floppy disk in your back pack will quit working some day.
  • If your hard drive stops working, you might not be able to extract your files from it.
  • Evergreen's servers are backed up nightly, which means your files are safe.
  • Files saved on servers are accessible from all campus computers. You can also access them from home.

How do I get it?

Once you have established your Evergreen Account, you can request personal file space. Go to to request your space. Some programs have program file sharing space, too. If your program has network files, you can access them through the directory at

How do I access my saved files?

You can access network files from any campus computer, and from home (with a little effort). The following pages have instructions for connecting from campus and home on a PC and on a Mac.

  • Calawah - general access file shares
  • Masu - scientific computing file shares
  • Nimrod - media file shares