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Network file space is a protected folder on the network which is available to all Evergreen staff and faculty by default, and for students by request. For students, once you have activated your @evergreen account, you can request personal file space through Student shares created this way are located on a server called Calawah. If you are a student in the Media Arts, you may also have filespace available on Nimrod, or if you are in the sciences you may have space on Masu. Spaces on these last two servers are available only through your academic program. See the notes below about how to contact these areas for help.

Why use it?

  • The floppy disk in your back pack will quit working some day.
  • You will inevitably lose your thumbdrive (flashdrive) somewhere.
  • If your hard drive stops working, you might not be able to extract your files from it.
  • Evergreen's servers are backed up every 24 hours, which means your data are safe.
  • Files saved on servers are accessible from all campus computers. You can also access them from home using the secure WebDAV protocol.

Connecting to Evergreen's File Servers

Hurricane is the primary file server for Faculty & Staff personal file shares as well as staff work areas. For additional help with hurricane filespace, or to request a new fileshare on Hurricane, please contact Technical Support Services at 867-6627.

Orca is the primary file server for academic resources. This server hosts academic program shares, individual student shares (generated automatically), academic workgroups and research shares. For questions about or requests concerning Orca, please contact Academic Computing.

Academic Groups (orca)

Academic Programs (orca)

Faculty/Staff Personal and Workgroup Shares (hurricane)

Research (orca)

Student personal and program fileshares are hosted on Calawah. If you haven't yet, go to to request your personal fileshare space. Some programs have program file sharing space, too. If your program has network files, you can access them through the directory at

Masu - is the fileserver for science program shares, science faculty, staff and students. For more information and help with this resource contact the CAL.

Nimrod is the primary fileserver for students and faculty in the media arts. For help with this resource, contact the folks at Electronic Media.