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I've logged in before, it's been a while and dangit I forgot my password. What are the steps involved in resetting this?

First off, If you've never logged in before, you will need to activate your account. Once this has been completed, you should be good to go. If not, go through the steps below to get your password reset.

How do I reset my password?

Still having problems?

  • Students: Account help is handled by Academic Computing at 360-867-6227. Further help is available at the Computer Center located in the Library building.
  • Faculty & Staff: Please contact the Client Services help desk at 360-867-6627.
  • Former Students: You choose your own initial password at the time that you request your account. This initial password must be changed to a permanent password when you first login. If you forget this permanent password, you will need your student ID number as well as your login name to reset it. Please contact Registration and Records at 360-867-6180 if you do not know your Former Student ID or password.