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Former Student (FS) Accounts grant access to my.evergreen.edu for Transcripts, Fee Payment, Evaluations, and Tax Information.

Help with Former Student Accounts

Former Student (FS) Accounts are created and maintained by Registration and Records. To reach registration and records you can email registration@evergreen.edu, call 360-867-6180, or create a support ticket from the right sidebar.

To Request a Former Student Account

  1. Visit the transcript information page to learn more about requesting an FS account
  2. Click on request a Former Student Account link

Username and Password Help

What is my username?

Former Student usernames are first name followed by last name, for example: Ima Greener's FS username is "imagreener"

What is my password?

When filling out your FS account request form you were asked to pick a password. This password is set as your initial login password.

How do I reset my password for a Former Student Account?

Currently, you may only reset a password for an account you have activated (logged into at least once.) To Reset your FS Account Password:
  1. Ensure you have logged in at least once before, or this process won't work
  2. Visit the self service reset page
  3. Enter your username and student ID number
  4. Answer your secret question
  5. You will then be presented with the option to create a new password

I am receiving an error while trying to reset my password

If the system reports an error when you try to reset, it means that you have not logged in at least once before

How do I order transcripts?

Registration and Records provide access to transcripts and your academic records. For more information see Order a Transcript on the main Evergreen site.

Do you need a Former Student Account?

  • If you graduated or stopped attending, you will need a Former Student Account to order transcripts
  • You may request a Former Student Account at any time by filling out the Account Request Form from Registration and Records
  • Please contact Registration and Records directly with any questions about transcript orders or your Former Student Account

I have a Former Student Account

Login to my.evergreen.edu and click on Transcript Orders to get started

I have general transcript questions

Registration and Records maintains a page about transcript orders on the main Evergreen Site

To request an account, please visit Registration and Record's Former Student Account Request Page.