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** Upload and link to a file  
** Upload and link to a file  
===Break at 7:15===
===Designing Your Site===
===Designing Your Site===
====Working with themes====
====Working with themes====

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Getting Started

Create a New WordPress Site

blogs.evergreen.edu is Evergreen's WordPress server. You can create your own site, all you need is an evergreen email address and login.

Driving in WordPress

Writing and Managing your content

Images and linked files

Break at 7:15

Designing Your Site

Working with themes

Themes allow you to change the design of your blog at anytime. Changing your theme will not affect the primary content of your site.


Many themes support sidebar content. Often times if you don't anything to your side bar a default set of "widgets" will appear. You can change this by adding your own widgets.


  • Custom Menus - allow you to modify the navigation for your site

Adding functionality to your site

Embedding media