General Policies of the Computer Center

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We strive to provide an atmosphere that is supportive of your academic work. Please be mindful of the following guidelines to help us achieve this goal and best serve the Evergreen community.


•Please leave your bicycles outside the Computer Center.

•We appreciate you eating food in the designated lounge areas only.

•Drink containers with lids are allowed near the computers.

•Service animals are the only animals allowed in the Computer Center.

•Use headphones! You can check them out from Media Loan.


•Thanks, but we can fix the printers. Let us know if they need attention.

•We prefer that you limit your printing to singles copies.

Special Needs

•We have a group workroom. Ask the front desk.

•Specialized workstations are prioritized for students who specifically need that equipment.


•Alumni and Visitors are welcome to use the open kiosks in either the Library or the Computer Center.

Lost & Found

•The Computer Center keeps a Lost and Found of USB drives and other items. Valuable items are immediately brought to police services.