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Digital Performer is a non-destructive audio and MIDI multitracking application. It has many capabilities, including the ability to import, convert and mix most any audio file formats, sync to video files for soundtrack production, and is a sophisticated MIDI sequencing and software synthesizer host. It is manufactured by Mark of the Unicorn, who also make audio interfaces and other computer media devices. for more information.

DP is a tabbed window style interface, which means you can look at any of the 9 main windows on a single display, or you can create window sets spreading the windows across many displays. The most important windows allow you to arrange audio files across many tracks, and set volume, pan, looping and apply effects to the tracks.

This is an overview of an audio only project, with the Tracks and Sequence windows set to support quick arrangement and mixing...

The other major window is the mixing console, which is a simulated physical console with faders, panners, effects plug-ins, and many functions typical of a mixer.