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Evergreen email is a useful tool for keeping in touch with the Evergreen community. Be the first to get important news from officials about closures, emergencies, or other important announcements. You may also use it to contact many of the offices (Registration, Financial Aid) through email directly if you are not on campus. There are also special lists (Tesctalk, Tesccrier) you can subscribe to that pertain to events or discussions within the community. Sometimes its entertaining to watch the flame wars that occur within these lists on current hot topics and issues on campus. Sign up for your account now!

Sign Up

Learn more about your Evergreen Login.

Account Settings

Set your email forwarding preferences at my.evergreen.edu

Login Help

Learn more about logging in at Login Help.

Mailing Lists

Learn about e-mail and messaging at evergreen. Bond with the Evergreen community by joining a list.

@evergreen.edu Off Campus

Webmail and IMAP are the utilities you need to know about to retrieve and read your @evergreen.edu email off campus.