GoPro Hero 4 Proficiency Test

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GOPRO Hero 4 Proficiency Test


Answers may be found in [Hero4 Operating Guide]. Complete this written portion and bring it with you to your scheduled operational proficiency. Call 867-6253 if you have any questions.

1. What precautions should you take when using this camera? How do you clean the camera’s plastic housing? 2. How do you adjust the camera's white balance? 3. What is Protune? 4. Describe the different camera modes. How do you switch between camera modes? 5. Why is it important to carefully select a proper resolution? 6. List and describe the different resolutions. 7. How do you import your footage onto your computer? 8. List and describe the different types of capturing modes.

Operational Proficiency

Take Camera out of case Identify all of the controls and parts Identify the memory card Describe and go through the menu and settings Demonstrate changing the camera’s resolution Put camera into two different homes Practice taking video Take picture Playback videos and photos Format camera memory