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Greener Commons is an online discussion forum pilot project for Evergreen community members.

All Evergreen community members are encouraged to login and participate. Discussions are only viewable to logged-in users. This is a one year pilot starting Winter of 2014.

How can I participate?

  1. Login (with your Evergreen login and password)
  2. View topics by what's new or by category
  3. Create your topic

How do I change my profile and email subscription settings?

Once you've logged in...

  1. go to your User Page by clicking on your username in the upper right
  2. Go to Preferences to change your profile info as well as Email settings

What are the usage guidelines?

Be humane, be reasonable, be kind. This is a place where we hope to build and strengthen our community. For more information see the Greener Commons usage guidelines.

What about TescTalk and TescCrier?

During the Greener Commons pilot, TescTalk and TescCrier will be set to read-only mode. No new announcements or posts will be accepted. Instead, please use the Greener Commons for your all campus communications.

What forum software is Greener Commons using?

Greener Commons is built using Discourse, an open source discussion platform.

What are the system requirements/supported devices?


Internet Explorer 10+ Google Chrome 24+ Firefox 14+ Safari 5+


Mobile Safari, iOS 6+ Mobile Chrome, Android 4.1+ Mobile IE, Windows Phone 8 or later

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