Greener Commons Moderation Practices

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Moderator Selection and Tenure

Selection of a moderator team is based on activity in Greener Commons. Propose for student moderators that pay is involved if we have expectations of continued regular engagement, attendance to multiple meetings and representing Greener Commons (and Evergreen) philosophies (see below).


This is the meaty part that will need us to provide context, Guidelines, free speech vs. protected classes, trolling behaviors and the Evergreen social contract


Regular Engagement

Moderators are expected to engage directly with Greener Commons regularly. This means responding to posts, redirecting when necessary, providing @mention forwards and reinforcing positive interactions. Active moderation is expected and is part of the rationale behind the selection process for moderators.

Dealing with Flagged Content

Flagged content should be addressed quickly and consistently. A log of all flagged content is kept as well as the moderator response to the flag. The expectation is that all moderators are looking at greener commons throughout the week and monitoring flagged content when they see it if the response to the content is clear to the moderator. Guidelines for how flagged content is managed is listed below.


  • Moderation Team - It is expected that all moderators attend regularly scheduled (every two weeks, month?) and emergent moderation meetings.
  • Workgroup Meetings - It is expected that all moderators attend the quarterly workgroup meetings.