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Teams can be used for group chats with anyone with an Evergreen account.

  • Group chats can be named
  • You can chat with anyone with an Evergreen account
    • You do not need to be on a Team with someone to chat with them

Start a Chat

  1. In the Teams app click the Chat icon on the left sidebar
  2. Click New Chat (the pencil icon) at the top of the chat list
  3. Enter the names of the people you want to add to the chat
  4. Click the down arrow at to the far right of the names field
  5. Enter a name for the group chat
  6. Type a message and click send

Add More People

More people can be added after the chat has started. When new users are added you can select who much of the chat history they can see.

  1. Click the view and add participants icon in the top right of the chat window
  2. Select Add people
  3. Enter the name or email of the new participant.
  4. Select how much of the chat history the new users can see
    • Don't include chat history
    • Include history from the past number of days - Enter a number
    • Include all chat history
  5. Click Add

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