H4N Zoom Recorder - Menu System

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Instructions for using the H4N Zoom audio recorder

Accessing the MENU and Formatting the card.

  1. Press the MENU button on the right hand side of the recorder.
  2. Use the toggle wheel to scroll down to the SD card menu.
  3. Use the toggle wheel to scroll down to the Format menu.
  4. Are you sure? press the toggle wheel to accept.
  5. Your SD card should now be formatted and erased of all material.
  6. Remember to format the card before turning it back in.

MENU options

  1. Press the MENU button. Use the Toggle wheel to scroll and press to select.
  2. Folder: you have 10 folders available in which to save your work.
  3. File: this allows you to access specific files in order to edit or playback.
  4. Input: