Headphone Mixes-COM 111A

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Headphone Mixes in COM111A


  1. Cue 1 out of your DAW is normalized into MOTU #2 Channel 15
  2. MOTU #2 Channel 15 is normalized to the API Echo 1 Module
  3. Turn ON the Echo 1 module on the API
  4. Press the Ext. In button on the Echo 1 module on the API
  5. Turn the Echo 1 pot to about 1 o'clock
  6. All Echo 1 sends on all API channels go to the Echo 1 module as well.
  7. Use these individual Echo 1 trims to control the headphone volume of each LIVE instrument.
  8. Use the Cue faders in your DAW to control the volume of your previously recorded material.