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Registration and Records provides access to transcripts and your academic records. You can contact them by email at registration@evergreen.edu or call them at 360-867-6180.

I am a current student who needs transcripts

  • Click on the Transcript order link from within your my.evergreen.edu page

Do you need a former student account?

  • If you graduated or stopped attending, you will need a former student account to order transcripts
  • You may request a Former Student Account at anytime by filling out the Account Request Form from Registration and Records
  • Please contact Registration and Records directly with any questions about transcript orders or your Former Student Account
  • They can be reached at registration@evergreen.edu or by calling 360-867-6180

I have a Former Student Account

  • Login to my.evergreen.edu and click on Transcript Orders to get started

I have general transcript questions

Registration and Records maintains this web page about transcript orders