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It's common for teams and departments on campus to manage a shared inbox together. If you’ve been added to a shared inbox, you can open the inbox through your outlook email with evergreen.

Accessing Outlook via the Browser:

  1. Sign into your Evergreen email via

  2. Click on your profile picture. The circle on the top right of the screen should display your profile picture or your username initials if the picture has not been set yet.
    Shared Inbox Browser Step2.jpg

  3. Click "Open Another mailbox" in the small window that pops up.
    Shared Inbox Browser Step3.png

  4. Enter the email address of the shared inbox you are trying to access and click "Open".
    Shared Inbox Browser Step4.png

  5. Verify the correct inbox has opened. In a new tab, the shared inbox should be open. Check that the correct inbox opened successfully.

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