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[[IC-DX500-3Information Schema | Information Schema]]
[[IC-DX500-3 Information Schema | Information Schema]]

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Ion Chromatography System Wikipedia entry


Information Schema

  • Dionex Ion Chromatography System is made up of several components.
  • Software requires (hardware) sentinel key & license key.
  • Sentinel Key (serial number): 47432
  • Software (Chromeleon) License Key: DN6N6C-BJRKJ-JLCLRB-E3S6YR
  • Netgear Ethernet Hub (EN108) used to interconnect the PC and components.
  • Use Chromeleon Server Monitor (software application) as a quick connectivity check; application should report "Chromeleon server is running".
  • Dionex Customer Support (847) 295-7500

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