I know my login and password but am still having problems

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The top three reasons why your account may not be working may fall into one of the categories below.

If this doesn't seem like a problem you're experiencing, then please contact the Computer Center Help Desk (students) at 867-6227 or Client Services (faculty and staff) at x6627.

The wrong password was entered 3 times and locked your account

  • Wait 15 minutes for account to be unlocked and try again or
  • Go to the Computer Center help desk (extension 6227), located on the second floor of the Library building, right across from the main entrance to the library, and request your account to be unlocked. (students only)
  • Contact Client Services at x6627 (faculty and staff only)

Faculty and Staff Only If you haven't logged in for a long time, this could be the source of the problem. Accounts where the password has not been changed in the last 4 years may fail to authenticate to web-based resource using Single Sign-On.

  • Change your password. Log in on a computer connected to the Evergreen network which is running Windows (if your office machine is a Mac, go to one of the computer labs). Hit Ctrl-Alt-Del and choose the change password button.