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How to install Instagram Feed Pro

1) Once you've purchased and uploaded your Instagram Feed plugin, activate it under Plugins in WorPress menu.

2) After it has been activated, go to the main menu on WordPress and click on the Instagram Feed item and select License.

3) Enter or copy and paste your license key into the field and click Save Changes.

4) Click Activate License.

5) Click on Configure tab.

6) Click on the large blue button to get your Instagram Token and User ID.

7) Log-in to your account and the Access Token and User ID will automatically generate.

8) Copy and Paste these into the relevant fields. If you're having trouble accessing the Access Token please use this page.

You can also display photos from other Instagram accounts by using this tool to find their User ID.

9) Customize your feed.

10) Once the feed is posited to your specification, click on the Display Your Feed tab to grab the [instagram-feed] shortcode.

11) Copy the shortcode and paste it into any page, post or widget where you want the feed to appear.

12) You can paste the shortcode directly into your page editor, as shown below.

13) You can use the default WordPress 'Text' widget to display your Instagram Feed in a sidebar or other widget area.