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Instagram Feed Demo

You can view the plug in demonstrated in our Image Gallery Demo.

How to install Instagram Feed in WordPress

  1. In your WordPress Dashboard go to Plugins and active Instagram Feed Pro Developer.
  2. After it is activated, an Instagram Feed icon will appear on your Dashboard.
  3. Access the Instagram Feed icon, then go to License. Press Activate.
  4. Paste this shortcode [instagram-feed] anywhere on your blog where you want it to appear.

How to create Instagram Feed for Multiple Accounts

  1. Follow the steps for installing the Instagram Feed in WordPress.
  2. Go to Instagram Feed on your Dashboard, under User ID paste the code of the desired account(s). The User IDs are usually a ten digit numbers, if you don't know the numbers follow this helpful link. Use commas to separate the User IDs.
  3. You can also stream content from the hashtags used in that account.

Simply, go to Hashtags under User ID entry. Use commas to separate the Hashtags.