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Using a Laptop:

1) Locate the VGA cable (hanging from Media Control Panel) 2) Attach VGA cable to your laptop’s VGA input (if you have audio, attach the VGA’s mini cable to your headphone jack) 3) Push projector button on to turn on the data projector (may take 30 seconds for projector to fully warm up) 4) Press laptop button on Media Control Panel 5) Now turn on your laptop 6) Adjust volume on Media Control Panel and volume on your laptop

  • If using a Mac, you will need a Mac adapter (available at Media Loan)

To Play DVD From Laptop:

1) Once you’ve connected your laptop to the Media Control Panel, insert DVD into DVD drive on your laptop. You will see DVD icon on right side of laptop screen. Click DVD icon. 2) Once your DVD has been inserted into your laptop, you will activate DVD at main menu 3) Adjust volume on your laptop 4) Adjust volume on Media Control Panel

Using a Flashdrive:

1) Insert flashdrive into your laptop. You will see flashdrive icon on desktop 2) Click flashdrive icon

Using External Equipment (VHS Blu-ray, etc.):

1) Attach RCA cables to Video input on Media Control Panel. 2) Attach same video cables to output on video equipment. 3) Insert your disc into your video equipment 4) Press play

  • VHS/Blu-ray decks & cables available at Media Loan