Library Accounts

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Students, Faculty, and Staff

Evergreen automatically creates a library user/borrower account for all students, faculty, and staff who join the college. A current Evergreen ID serves as your library card. Greeners may borrow books, maps, cds, dvds, and other stuff from the library's physical collections. There is no limit on the number or type of items.

The first time you use your library card, folks at the Circulation will request that you show an ID and confirm your contact information.

Greeners may also access online library services. These include searching the catalog, requesting materials, and conducting research in the library's databases of academic literature.

Some online services are password protected, including scholarly databases when used off campus. Your full name and registration number, exactly as they appear on your ID card, count as your username and password in all library account matters.

Community Borrowers

If you have previously attended Evergreen but are no longer currently enrolled (graduated, transferred, etc.) or if you are from the greater Olympia area and wish to use the TESC Library, you can access the library services as a community borrower. As a community borrower you are able to check out books and government documents, as well as use in-house materials like reference books, microform, and you can access SAIL material within the library. However, you will not be able to check out SAIL material for home use.

   * If you have graduated, your library account automatically switches to a community borrower status. You can still use your old Evergreen Student ID, or you can recieve a community borrower TESC library card.