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Bookmarklets let you do things like click a button or choose a bookmark when you are looking at a book on Amazon and automatically look it up in Evergreen's catalog, or in the Timberland catalog, or automatically create an email with the information for a purchase request that you can then edit and send to Shelly Swelland, who handles this for our library. ( Faculty can also use these to create an email with a list of books and ordering information to send to Wendy Sorrell in the bookstore and Penny Hinojosa in SEM II to order texts and desk copies for a program. The bookmarklet scripts and information about using them are available at

Saving bibliographic information about the books from the catalog
The Booklist button on our catalogue pages and the Export button on Summit search pages let you save information about books you look up, and then display the list and copy or print it, save it to disk, or email it in various formats including Pro-Cite or End-Note. (If you have a list, the Export List or Export BookCart buttons appear on the pages.) (The Full Display option’s the only one with the call number – unfortunately, it contains a lot you probably don’t care about too.)