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For two weeks after you receive notification of account deactivation, you can still use your login. After two weeks, your account will be locked. Eight weeks from when the account is locked it will be deleted.


If you use your Evergreen email, notify those you correspond with about the change to your email address. If you have not been forwarding your Evergreen email to an outside address, and you have messages in your Evergreen mailbox that you want to save, we recommend:

  • Forward your emails individually from Evergreen's Webmail to an outside address.
  • For the technologically adventuresome, you can retrieve the entire contents of your Evergreen mailbox by creating an IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) account on your computer. This is neither terribly difficult nor super easy to do. Here is an IMAP Overview.

We are happy to help you manage your email through this transition. Please contact us with any questions - X6231 or email.


Evaluations that you created inside the MyEvergreen application may be saved as PDFs to your own computer. You may of course print these evals, as well. The Registration Office will always be available to produce official and unofficial transcripts for you.

Evergreen Blogs

All blogs will be deleted 60 days from the date that the logins have been disabled. You can backup your blog posts and pages to a text file and import them later into another off-site blogging service. Please note: any media uploaded to Evergreen's blog server will have to be saved manually. For instructions see: Exporting Blog Entries

Network File Space

All network resources (including network file space) will be deleted 60 days from the date that the logins have been disabled. It is important that students wishing to preserve materials in these folders make their own copies before this date.

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