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<div class="intro">[[File:Lyris logo.png]] Tips for List managers<br /></div>
<div class="intro">[[File:Lyris logo.png|100px]] Tips for List managers<br /></div>
Please note: ''yourlist'' is used throughout this tutorial and should be replaced with the name of your list.
Please note: ''yourlist'' is used throughout this tutorial and should be replaced with the name of your list.

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Lyris logo.png Tips for List managers

Please note: yourlist is used throughout this tutorial and should be replaced with the name of your list.

For member self-subscription

Potential list members may use one of two methods:

1. send a blank e-mail to: join-yourlist@lists.evergreen.edu


2. go to http://www.evergreen.edu/lists/ and click the subscribe button next to yourlist (note: this link may not be immediately available and can take up to 24 hours to be generated)

Either way they choose, they will then be sent a confirmation e-mail to verify their subscription. This subscription confirmation is an important security step to keep our lists spam-free. It is important that subscribers enter a real name: both first and last. This will prevent spammers from getting through to your list.

To send email to the list

  • send the e-mail to: yourlist@lists.evergreen.edu
  • Reply replies to the sender of the message only
  • Reply to All replies to everyone on the list.

Read lists messages from a web browser

All messages sent to the list will be in a web archive accessible at http://lists.evergreen.edu/ Note: to use the web archive you will have to subscribe using the web-based method at http://www.evergreen.edu/lists and must set a password for your account.

To administer your email list

  1. go to: http://lists.evergreen.edu
  2. at the login prompt:
    • enter your evergreen e-mail address
    • enter your Lyris password (this password is NOT your Evergreen password and is provided to you by Academic Computing)
  3. verify your current list is yourlist (upper right corner of page)
  4. Click on Utilities and from there you can browse all of the options for your list

Your List settings are set up in a fairly standard configuration so you shouldn't need to modify anything. If you do need to make significant changes please contact Academic Computing so we can make sure list security is maintained.

Manage List Membership

You may want to view your lists members to make sure your students get signed up properly. Just click on Members from the Utilities menu. You can also manually add members here.

Change Your Password

You can change your password from the Member List window located on the Utilities tab.

  1. click on your account in the upper right
  2. select the Settings tab
  3. change your password
  4. click the Save button in the lower right corner

Alert: please do not use the same password you use for your Evergreen account. Lyris passwords are not strongly encrypted.