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<div class="intro">[[File:Mlogo-126x100.gif‎ |left|75px]]The Assignment activity in Moodle provides instructions for an activity, and is typically used for the confidential submission of files to your instructor for evaluation. There are a few variations that your Faculty can choose from, but most expect you to upload one, or possibly more, files. The simplest setup of Assignments just ask you to browse your computer and attach a file for upload. Your Faculty may enable deletion, re-submitting, multiple uploading, or due dates.
To upload a file use the following steps:
#Find the assignment activity in the course outline on your Moodle-based site
#Read any instructions your faculty member has provided.
#Scroll down to the portion of the interface used to select a file.
#*Note the Max. size. This is the maximum file size you will be able to upload.
#Click the '''Browse''' button and navigate your computer's file system to select the file you wish to upload to your instructor.
#Click '''Open''' in your computer's file browser window. A path to the file you want to upload should now appear in the field provided
#Click '''Upload this file'''. This will upload the attached file.
====Additional Help====
Moodle.org: [http://docs.moodle.org/en/Upload_a_single_file_assignment Uploading a Single File]<br>
Moodle.org: [http://docs.moodle.org/en/Advanced_uploading_of_files_assignment Advanced Uploading]<br>
Contact [http://rails.evergreen.edu/contact/?site=ac-computing-help&recipient=acadcomphelp&tt=true&subject=Email%20from%20the%20Moodle%20Assignments%20Help%20Page Academic Computing] if you need additional help.

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