MTL Com 343

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  1. Sign into the log book
  2. Power on the standing rack labelled “Main Power” (if using an analog synth you must also power on the small desk rack).
  3. Set the volume of the Yamaha receiver to -20dB and make sure the input is set to VCR
  4. Turn on the computer
  5. Open iTunes, Soundcloud, Youtube, etc. to play a sound
  6. Check LEDs on outputs ½ of MOTU 828 to make sure that sound is coming out of the computer
  7. Patch Analog Outputs ½ from the MOTU 828 to Mackie Line Inputs ½
  8. Set up the Mackie Mixer Channels 1-2 for playback from the computer
  9. Set the trim to around unity gain on both channels, adjusting for the level LEDs to be green and not red. (One may also use the “SOLO” button so long as the SOLO MODE Button is in “LEVEL SET” mode. This button can be found in the control room section of the mixer).
  10. Make sure AUX knobs are all the way down (counter clockwise)
  11. Make sure all EQ knobs are at noon and low cut is not pressed
  12. Pan channel 1 all the way left and channel 2 all the way right.
  13. Assign both channels to the L/R (main mix) bus.
  14. Bring channel faders 1 and 2 up to unity
  15. Bring up the Main Mix (L/R) fader
  16. Set up the Control Room Output Section
  17. Assign the Main Mix to the Control Room Source
  18. You should now see the meters lighting up in response to the audio from the Main Mix
  19. Bring Control Room/Phones volume knob up until you hear sound.
  20. Shutdown… undo your work, taking steps backwards through the proficiency to normalize the mixer and turn off everything.