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As a current student you have the option to forward your mail off campus.

How Mail Forwarding Works

  • With an active mail forward, all mail destined for your @evergreen.edu account is instead sent off campus to the email address of your choice
  • Evergreen Support cannot guarantee delivery to an off campus mail provider, but we will do our best to help you if you have issues receiving email

What can go wrong with my mail forward?

  • Certain mail providers may mark Evergreen email as spam depending on your security settings
  • Faculty at Evergreen may receive your third party email as spam based upon their security settings

How to Turn on Mail Forwarding

  • Access your outlook email (portal.office.com)
  • Enter outlook settings (cog in the top right corner)
  • Click "View all Outlook Settings"
  • Click "Forwarding"
  • Enter forwarding email
  • Optional: Enable saved copies to outlook
  • Click Save