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Current Status

Currently, there are 1,404 substantial articles and 2,518 uploaded files. If you were unable to find the information you were looking for, please add your suggestions to the article requests page.


This Wiki began as a student project of the Information Landscapes program. We initially saw it as an online forum by and for students about the “information technology” or IT world at Evergreen. It has grown to include technology information for Faculty and Staff as well.

We chose the wiki format with this logic: when community members who are interested contribute to a common site, the result will be knowledge to help each other. Wikis are open content sites, and like seminars, they are best when they stay on topic.

To get started with editing the Wiki, check out the Contributor Lounge and Wikipedia's Wiki Tutorial. To keep out spam, an logon is required to contribute.

Our thanks to Academic Computing and Academic ITCH.

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