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Evergreen has a number of technology-enabled "AV Classrooms" equipped with built-in audio/video display systems. All of them, at a minimum, will allow you to display your portable computer video on a classroom projection screen. Some provide additional AV capabilities as detailed below:

Level 1 – video display and connector for portable computer video

Level 2 – as above plus AV playback equipment in an equipment rack

Level 3 – as above plus a Lectern with a Mac and (in most cases) a document camera

Listed below are the AV classrooms which are available for your use and, parenthetically, information on who to contact to schedule them and who to call if you need technical assistance using them):

AV Classrooms at Olympia Campus

Library AV Classrooms

Scheduling at Space Scheduling 6314; Support at Electronic Media, extension 6270
  • LIB 1412: Level 3
  • LIB 1540: Level 3 with isolated control room for 16mm projection
  • LIB 1326: Level 3
  • LIB 2310: Level 3
  • LIB 2708: Level 3
  • LIB 3301: Level 1

Comm Building AV Classrooms - Level 2 and 3

Scheduling support from the Communications Building manager Shannon Stewart, extension 5896)
  • Com 107: Recital Hall 200 seat Level 2
  • Com 308: Level 2
  • Com 326: Level 2
  • Com 408: Level 2

Lab 1&2 AV Classrooms - Level 1

Lecture Halls: Level 3

Seminar 2 AV Classrooms

Scheduling: Space Scheduling, extension 6314.
Technical help: Sophie Butigan @ ext. 5517 or Electronic Media Help desk @ ext. 6270
  • A-D 2105, 4107: Level 1
  • A-D 1107, 2107,2109,3107,3109: Level 2
  • A-E 1105: Level 3


SEM2 Media Cabinets

If you hear trash TV leaking through the system then the user before you left the VCR on a certain channel; press Zero on the VCR remote to switch the system to a neutral line.

If you are rewinding or forwarding a VCR tape, use the remote. The dial on the VCRs is for rewind, forward, and changing the channel. It is very easy to change the channel when you think you are rewinding or fast forwarding, and the results can be really confusing.

Sometimes people take the batteries out of the remotes. If you are pressing and pressing the buttons and nothing is happening - check the remote to see if it still has batteries.

AV Classrooms at Tacoma Campus