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Schedule Evergreen is the college's primary space and related resource management system for all curricular and event scheduling across the Olympia and Tacoma campuses.

What does it do?

Schedule Evergreen manages campus space requests and confirmations, manages publishing of events, and provides user specific schedules. Space Requests: all spaces, except a small amount of administrative meeting spaces managed by specific offices, are reservable through Schedule Evergreen. Event Publishing: all campus events, both curricular and not, are advertised through Schedule Evergreen. User Driven: all authenticated users (students, faculty and staff) have access to their own view of Schedule Evergreen from, where they can request space, see confirmed spaces, and see events.

Who uses it?


Students can view availability of, or reserve spaces for specific areas on campus that support their academic work. Students can work with a faculty, staff or student group sponsor in order to reserve space for an event, except for select specialty spaces that they can self-schedule. Students can see their academic schedule once they have registered for an offering.

Faculty, Staff, and Student Staff:

Faculty and Staff can research and see if any space is available for their event or offering (faculty only). They can see what other events are confirmed for the space that they are researching. Faculty and staff can create event with a schedule of activities and request space for the activities. Faculty and staff can see their own schedule that included events they own and/or have subscribed to.

How do I Access Schedule Evergreen


With your Student Login you can see:

  • Class schedules
  • Calendars-- Individual lab times from all campus space centers
  • Spaces-- All spaces on campus, which can be searched by building

  • Student employees will login with student accounts to see personal schedules and info--class, future reservations, space availability in other centers rather than Media Services.
  • Login as with sponsored account for all work activities--assigning badges, scheduling patrons, confirming calendar for key checkouts, edit or deleting a patron's time for a Media Services facility.



  • Lets you toggle between personal vs campus calendars-- this will not show for your sponsored work account

My Events

  • Let's the user create and see events-- this will not show for your sponsored work account

Class schedules

  • Let's a logged in user see class schedules for any class-- this will not show for your sponsored work account


  • This is how to check room availability across campus-- this will not show for your sponsored work account


  • Select Media Services to schedule Media Services spaces
  • Select Performing Arts to see COM audio spaces and classroom schedule
  • Never schedule a space that is outside of the Media Services Center, unless staff have authorized it

Media Services Center Interface

Daily Schedule

  • Provides an overview of everything in the Media Services Center by day

Weekly Schedule

  • Allows the user to search by week and Space Group
  • Space Groups a collection of spaces and resources for the purpose of controlling attributes that define how the space(s) gets scheduled.  Note that space groups are typically organized around the kinds of spaces that they are, but this does not imply that spaces must be grouped in this way. Media Services has to consider building hours, proficiencies, and type of lab to form our space groups.
  • Clicking into the day calendar with the unlock takes you back to the daily view

Space Requests


Curricular Scheduling


Event Search

This will not be needed much at the Media Loan desk.

Allows you to search for an Event by:

  • Title
  • Owner
  • Sponsor

An event has a definable start and end date that can be a single activity or that can tie together multiple activities. Think about conference events where one event can have multiple meeting spaces. Each event has an event type which further defines how these events are labeled created and subscribed to.

An activity is the part of an event where space can be assigned. When you schedule time for student work in our Media Services spaces, these are activities.

Student Search
  • This allows you to search by  a#, user_name, last name, or first last name.
  • Faculty and staff also show up in this search.
  • From this page you can see Upcoming Reservations, Enrollment Info, and the badges assigned to the faculty, staff, or student.
Open Access

Probably won't use this feature, this is used for open hours for things like the ceramics studio


This is most like proficiencies in WCO Badges are used for:

  • proficiency
  • LNA
  • Access lists

Badges can be:

assigned to a lab or a space group

labs can only have one badge space groups can have multiple

edit badges expiration date see users assign badges zap barcodes Banned user

Space groups Labs are grouped by space groups Space groups must be in the same building overview of space groups Space goups badges LNA Self service hour calculations

event search user search find user see badges and future times

Scheduling any user can techically schedulle any lab we will make a list of what not to schedule TV Studio, Lynda lab etc

Click a space group it will default to the current time change date and time if needed click check box by space click reserve rooms set event type to student work explain event and offering find user with a# or last name rules waring might come up check override rules to override if needed

edit or delete a scheduled time go to user search - to delete pencil to edit