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**Most [http://getbootstrap.com/2.3.2/base-css.html styles in Twitter Bootstrap 2] are also available for use in Mediawiki-Bootstrap
**Most [http://getbootstrap.com/2.3.2/base-css.html styles in Twitter Bootstrap 2] are also available for use in Mediawiki-Bootstrap
**[[Multi-column layouts - Mediawiki|Multi-column layouts]]
**[[Multi-column layouts - Mediawiki|Multi-column layouts]]
* See the [[Single Column Template|example page layout]] for single column tutorial
* See some example page layouts:
** [[Single Column Template| single column tutorial]]
** [[Eval Help Template| Tutorial with sidebar - 2 column]]
===New Extensions===
===New Extensions===

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New Mediawiki-Bootstrap Skin

  • Sidebar content has been consolidated into top navbar
    • Toolbox - includes Upload File, Special pages
    • Blue Page button - this is now where you go to edit, view history or any page related activities
    • Account button - login, set your preferences
    • Removing sidebars allows for readers to focus page content
  • Skin is now responsive and looks great on a variety of devices, phones, tablets, large screens...
  • Custom navigation can be added as drop-downs in the top navbar
    • To customize your navbar go to the MediaWiki:bootstrap-navbar page in your site
    • For an example of how to custom see the Help Wiki's navbar at MediaWiki:bootstrap-navbar
    • "Toolbox" and "SEARCH" are special words that will add key functionality to your navbar
  • Mediawiki-Bootstrap skin is based on the Twitter Bootstrap 2 project.
  • See some example page layouts:

New Extensions

  • WikiEditor is now built into core. Definitely checkout the built-in help for wiki syntax at the top of the editing frame.
  • FancyBoxThumbs extension displays thumb nailed images in a Mac-style "lightbox" that floats overtop of web page. This can create a more user friendly environment, where the user doesn't leave the page every time they click a thumbnail.
  • Collapsible Elements - allow you to show/hide additional content on your page using text or buttons
  • User Merge and Delete

See also: listing of all installed extensions

Default Settings in New Wikis

  • Taxobox templates have been included in the SkelDB. All new sites are ready to go with taxobox and will recognize taxobox syntax.
  • New Mediawiki-Bootstrap is set to be the default skin

Mediawiki Release Notes since our last version 1.15

  • 1.20
    • New diff view for greater accessibility (less dependent upon colors)
  • 1.19
  • 1.18
    • Collapsible Elements added to core
    • Renameuser — A special page which allows authorized users to rename user accounts.
    • Vector — Enhancements to the Vector skin.
    • WikiEditor — An improved and customizable editing toolbar developed along the Vector skin.
    • Better gender support for languages that need it
  • 1.17
    • Category sorting has been drastically improved. Sorting is now case insensitive.
  • 1.16