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[[Share - FCP|Share - FCP]]
[[Share - FCP|Share - FCP]]
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Multimedia Lab Proficiency

Multimedia Lab Use Guidelines

Downloading Files

  • Connect a card reader + memory card from your camera
  • Create a folder on the User Drive with your name
  • Copy the DCIM folder from the memory card into your folder
  • Eject the memory card after copying by dragging it to the trash

Creating a Final Cut Project

Scratch Disk - FCP

Log and Transfer

  1. Go to File > Log and Transfer, or Shift+Command+8.

Log and Transfer Preferences

Our labs are set to convert clips from the Canon T1i and T2i to Apple ProRes 422 (LT).

Note: If you are working on Final Cut 7 from home please Aaron Kruse about installing extra software to download files from the T1/2i.

Importing Clips

  1. Click the Add Volume (Command+i) and select the folder copied from the camera.
  2. To only import video click on the Import Settings button and uncheck audio
  3. To import your footage select the clip you want to transfer. Set the in and out points, set the Clip Name and Reel Name and then click ‘Add Clip to Queue’. Once placed in the Queue, media will begin to transfer.


Preview clips using the computer monitor with Digital Cinema Desktop.

HD Video Playback Instructions.

Sequence Settings

Sequence Settings HD - FCP

Adding Titles


Share - FCP