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Audio Studio Checkout is available for limited access to students working in intermediate to advanced audio curriculum. If you are enrolled in Audio Recording, Multitrack Composition, Advanced Audio Production or have an approved individual contract with facilities clearance you may use these resources. The equipment is for use in the campus studios only. You must reserve these items through the audio production work order system in Electronic Media. Equipment List Microphones

  • KEYS: We have the keys to the studios, which come in handy.
  • JUNCTION BOXES: These let you split the signal from a headphone-out jack into five more headphone jacks.
  • DIRECT BOXES: Enable you to take the output of an electric guitar, synth, bass, etc., and split the signal so you can simultaneously take the direct signal to the mixing board AND run it to an amp .
  • TRANSFORMERS and BARRELS: All the barrel adapters are officially General Access Media Loan. We have hi-lows and medium-lows, bridging transformers, phase reverse barrels, line to mic (60dB) pads, presence boosters, and high and low pass filters.
  • MOVIOLA AMP - Originally used in editing film audio it is also a good low wattage tube guitar amp and has been described as a stripped down Fender Champ. It has a small speaker or the headphone jack can be used to hook up an external speaker cabinet with a 1/4” speaker cable.

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