Migrating to Exchange Online

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What to expect following your mailbox migration to Exchange Online.

Migrations from the college-hosted Exchange 2010 to Exchange Online are happening in staged groups. You will be notified prior to your migration.

Connecting a Mail Client to Exchange Online=

  • Post migrations any mail clients you use may need to be reconnected.
  • Many mail clients will automatically reconnect but may require your confirmation to approve the new auto-discovery server to get new settings for your account. Go ahead and allow your client to connect.
  • A few folks have needed to disconnect their account from their mail client and then reconnect using the Exchange account connector.

What may stop working post-migration

  • if you were the delegate that manages reservations for a Resource/Room Mailbox that is still hosted on-prem, you will no longer be able to approve reservation until that resource mailbox has been migrated.
  • If you had access to view other people's calendars you may need to reconnect.