Migrating to Exchange Online

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What to expect following your mailbox migration to Exchange Online.

About the Migration

Migrations from the college-hosted Exchange 2010 to Exchange Online are happening in staged groups. You will be notified of the migration process via email prior to your migration.

How will this affect me?

There will be no disruption in service during the migration process. Once your account has been migrated, you can view your mailbox via the updated web application by logging in to portal.office.com with your Evergreen email and password. It is important to note that your full Evergreen email is your username@evergreen.edu (e.g. FirstName.LastName@evergreen.edu or smithz@evergreen.edu).

Connecting a local mail client to Exchange Online

  • Post-migration, any mail clients you use may need to be reconnected.
  • Many mail clients will automatically reconnect but may require your confirmation to approve the new auto-discovery server to get new settings for your account. Please allow your client to connect.
  • You might need to disconnect your account from the mail client and re-connect using the Exchange account connector.

What may stop working post-migration

  • If you manage reservations for a resource mailbox (often a meeting room) that is still hosted via Exchange 2010, you will no longer be able to approve reservation until that resource mailbox has been migrated.
  • If you shared calendars in the previous iteration, you may need to reconnect.
  • If you manage any DLs, until they are also migrated you may not be able to update membership.