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Your Evergreen password must contain:

  1. minimum of 8 characters
  2. contain one of each of the following character classes
    • Upper case letters
    • Lower case letters
    • Numbers

Secret Question

The secret question will be useful to you if you forget your password and want to reset it yourself. If you forget your password, you can go to password reset and you will be asked your secret question which, if answered correctly, will allow you to reset your password.


All official correspondence between you and the college will pass via your Evergreen e-mail account. From the e-mail settings page, you can forward your Evergreen e-mail account to another preferred e-mail provider that you may already be using (e.g., hotmail, gmail), thereby receiving college correspondence through another e-mail address. If you choose to forward it to another provider, you will be responsible for maintaining the ongoing viability of that address.

Personal Web Space

Network File Space

Mailing Lists

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