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Your My Evergreen account is used as a single sign-on for almost all of your Evergreen information technology needs.


Your password should be a unique password you do not use on any other account(s). Your password must contain:

  1. Minimum of 8 characters
  2. At least one of each of the following: upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers
  3. Cannot be the same as your last four Evergreen passwords.

What can I use My Evergreen account for?

  • Logging into sites that use Evergreen's Single Sign-On including:
  • Canvas and Wikis
  • Logging into your office or Computer Center or CAL workstation.
  • Accessing your email via Outlook or Webmail.
  • Publishing personal web pages to [httpw://].
  • Dialing into the campus network.
  • Connecting to network file shares.


All active students, including both admitted and “special” (non-admitted) students, are given an Evergreen email account upon admission (or registration for “special” students.) This email account is a primary mechanism for official college communications to students, including registration and student account information, announcements of official college policies and general announcements and information. As part of their responsibility to work with the college to manage their business and enrollment issues, students are expected to check their college email account on a regular basis.