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===First Login (Activation)====
===First Login (Activation)===

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Welcome to Evergreen! Your my.evergreen.edu login is generated 24 hours after your admission decision is made. The article below will help you activate this account and access your online portal, my.evergreen.edu.

First Login (Activation)

  • Navigate to my.evergreen.edu
  • Review the default login formula pictured at right
  • Upon successful login you will be asked to create a new, unique password
  • Once you've answered the initial setup questions you will arrive at your my.evergreen.edu landing page


  • If you choose to forward your email to an off campus provider, your Evergreen mailbox will remain empty but accessible via evergreen.edu/webmail.
  • Your Evergreen email address is your username@evergreen.edu.
  • You can change your mail forward or update your password anytime by clicking on "Profile" from within your my.evergreen.edu page