New Student Account Activation

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Welcome to Evergreen! Your login is generated 24 hours after your admission decision is made. Learn how to activate your account and access

First Login (Activation)

  • Navigate to
  • Your username and initial password are constructed based upon your birthday and name at time of admission.
  • Username is the first three letters of your last name followed by the first three letters of your first name and your two digit day of birth on the end
  • Example: Ima Greener, who was born March 4th has the username greima04
  • Initial Password is the two digit day you were born followed by the first three letters of the month you were born and the last two digits of your birth year
  • Example: Ima Greener was born March 4th, 1989. Their initial password 04mar89
  • Review the default login formula
  • Upon successful login you will be asked to create a new, unique password
  • You will now be prompted to answer a few account preference questions and conditions

Additional setup questions

  • After you have completed the steps noted in the activation instructions above, you will be asked a series of questions and need to accept the copyright and financial responsibility agreements
  • When prompted about forwarding your mail to another provider, please consider this choice carefully. While a mail forward is active (by selecting "please forward my mail to another provider") your Evergreen mailbox will remain empty.
  • We cannot guarantee delivery to an off campus provider, but we will do our best to help you if you have any mail issues
  • You can learn more about forwarding by reading our Mail Forward help page.