Non Fiction Media - Intro to Premiere Pro

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Intro to the Intro

Welcome to Premiere Pro. It follows the basic design of most editing software: a Project window where you can view all of the assets you have brought into a project, a Source window where you can view assets and set in and out points before bringing them into a Sequence. A Program window where you see the video that has been placed into a Sequence, and of course a Timeline window, where you will actually do most of your editing. You can have multiple Sequences in one Timeline window.

A unique feature of Premiere is the Media Browser window, which gives you Finder like access to your media, allowing you to easily preview and import media from any source. Premiere recognizes the file structure for most file-based camera systems, makes it even easier to view and import your files.

When first opening Premiere select New Project from the splash screen. If Premiere is already open go to File > New > Project.