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CHN analyzer

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When the software E2400 Data Manager is opened, you must enter parameter codes inorder for the instrument to transmit data to the software.

  • List of codes:
    • Code 26 --this is the most important code to enter; it establishes basic communication between instrument and EA 24000 Data Manager software.
    • Code 40 --In addition to entering Parameter Code 26 on the instrument, it's also recommend to select Parameters Code 40. Parameter Option Code 40 on the instrument, the blank and K-Factor values used to calibrate sample weight percents and the optimized combustion conditions are passed along with the run data and saved to the EA 2400 Data Manager.
    • Code 41 --In addition to entering Parameter Code 40 on your instrument, it's also recommend to select parameters Code 41. Parameter Option Code 41 on the instrument, fill time of the mixing chamber is passed along with the run data and saved to the EA 2400 Data Manager. The fill time is defined as the time required for the system to reach fill pressure. Fill pressure is reached after combusting and after oxygen input occurs.
    • Code 5 --Parameter Code 5, the P_ID (Project ID), is a value specified on the instrument which is used in the EA 2400 Data Manager software to organize run data that appears in the Runs Pane of the application. Every time you enter a unique P_ID on your instrument and generate run data, a folder labeled according to the P_ID you specified on the instrument, appears in the Runs tree. Click on a Project ID folder to filter the runs table so that only runs that share the same P_ID are displayed. This section shows you how to specify a unique P_ID on your EA 2400 Series II analyzer.

PE AD 6000 Autobalance.jpg

  • Current credentials for Data Manager Software --to login:
    • UN: Administrator
    • PW: nitrogen2
      • note that Data Manager is case sensitive.

  • Data Manager Software requires username and password; the default is:
    • UN: Administrator
    • PW: administrator
      • note that the username is an uppercase "A", and the password is a lowercase "a".

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