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There are a number of resources available at Evergreen for students, staff and faculty who want to publish on the web. The first step is getting yourself some personal web space! There are two primary options for publishing personal websites:

  1. Create your site and publish using WordPress at or
  2. Write your own html or use a web development tool such as Dreamweaver to publish your site at

Get yourself an Evergreen blog

The easiest way to get started publishing to the web is with a personal blog. You can self request a blog at Evergreen uses WordPressMU which is an easy to use website framework that comes with built-in templates and an easy to use publishing interface. No additional software is required, just login to the site and start publishing.

Request Web Space at (Coyote)

If you're comfortable with HTML or have a favorite web development program like Dreamweaver (available in the Academic Computer Center and in the CAL) and just want a publicly accessible web directory you can request web space on by going to my.evergreen site. Login using your Evergreen username and password, click on the 'Request personal web space' link and the directory will be created automagically.

Connecting to (Coyote)

Upload files using an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program. Some programs (like Dreamweaver) now have built in FTP utilities to let you upload pages and images to your website, but you may want to use a more powerful separate FTP program.

  • Mac users - we recommend Cyberduck. See
  • Windows users - we recommend CoreFTP

Proper Use

Proper use of your web space is important. Please see the detailed explanation of Appropriate Use of It Resources.