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There are a number of resources available at Evergreen for students who want to publish on the web. The first step is getting yourself some web space!

Web Space

Before you can publish on the web you'll need space. Web space is easily requested through the my.evergreen site. First thing you'll need to do is log in. This is your Evergreen username and password-the one you would log onto a computer with. Then click on the 'Request personal web space' link and you're done!

Web Development Software

Evergreen is well equipped with the software required to create and publish your own web site. Macromedia Dreamweaver is available on all of the computers within the ACC, GCC, and the CAL.


There are a number of workshops offered each quarter for those looking to learn something new or simply brush up on some old skills. Be sure to check back often as the schedule changes quarterly!

Online Tutorials

In addition to the workshops offered at Evergreen, there are also online tutorials availble. The tutorials for web development are as listed below-

Proper Use

Proper use of your web space is important. A detailed explanation is available here.

Managing your website

using an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program. Some programs now have built in FTP utilities to let you ship pages and images to your website, but you may want to use a more powerful separate FTP program like Fetch, for Macs: You can apply for the free educational password at

Or WSFTP, for Windows:

The basic information you need to configure any FTP program (or the Publish to Web feature of a bigger program) to communicate with your website is at:

Detailed instructions for setting up Fetch are available.

Direct editing by connecting to a network file share - If (and only if) you're on campus, you can also connect to your web directory on the network and just deal with the files directly, as if they were on some other disk drive connected to your machine. See instructions for connecting a Windows machine, and for connecting a Mac.